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What is special about the Diapat test?

It is the world's first clinically validated molecular disease detection that can detect early and precisely, in particular, chronic diseases that have not been discovered for many years.

What is so important about molecular detection?

All of the chronic diseases, especially cardiovascular, kidney, liver, and lung diseases, arise and exist only on a molecular level. However, the previous diagnostics only determine the advanced loss of the organ function.

How does this benefit the patient?

Drugs only work at the molecular level, on the proteome level. If the diseases are detected too late when the organs are already irreparably damaged, the drugs cannot develop their potential. Only the early and accurate detection of the disease-related cellular change enables the chronic disease to be stopped in good time and preserves organ function as well as the body's own defenses, e.g. against SARS-CoV.-2 or other virus-causing pandemics.