DiaPat-CoV-50 Test

(Course of complications)

Prospective, evidence-based study successfully completed!

The Crit-CoV-U study funded by the German Federal Ministry of Health, involving 21 clinical centers from Europe, was successfully completed. In the study, the prognostic value of the DiaPat-CoV-50 test was examined prospectively in 1012 patients. To date, this is the only study worldwide that has successfully tested a method for significantly predicting the course of Covid-19.

As part of the study, it was shown (see report) that the prediction for the 3 endpoints:

  1. death,
  2. worsening of the clinical situation (increasing WHO scores), and
  3. critical course (WHO score 6 or higher)

is only possible with the DiaPat-CoV-50 test with the highest significance!

The prospective Crit-CoV-U study on 1012 patients has thus proven that only the DiaPat-CoV-50 test allows a prediction of severe Covid-19 courses with the highest prognostic/diagnostic quality. There are no variables or tests that could show a comparable result in a prospective study.

The validity of the DiaPat-CoV-50 test was clearly and comprehensively demonstrated by this study. A validated and approved test is now available to predict the severe course of a Covid-19 and to prevent it, and thus the possible death of the patient, through appropriate and early treatment.

The DiaPat-CoV-50 test can be carried out easily. The result is sent to the involved doctor no later than 24 hours after the sample has been received in our laboratory, who then immediately initiates the necessary therapeutic steps.

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