Check: heart, kidneys, diabetes complications, prostate, ...

Let the proteins in the body speak for themselves.

This is the future of individual medicine. Proteins play an outstanding role in the human body. At the onset of a disease, proteins are altered, newly formed, or degraded. Any kind of those changes of proteins in the body is indicated at a very early stage - and with almost perfect authenticity, objectivity, and thus high reliability.





DiaPat®: the future of individual medical diagnostics

DiaPat® tests are already available today with the following focus: coronary heart disease, diabetic nephropathy, and for the diagnosis of prostate cancer as a system extension of the PSA test (higher diagnostic reliability with a positive PSA test result).

Your proteins know exactly about your health.

In addition, we offer the test combination DiaPat® RenOM Test + KardiOM Test, as heart and kidney diseases are inseparably connected. Diabetic patients can combine the DiaPat® DN-PROteom test with the KardiOM test.



Future diagnostic fields we are currently researching:

  • Alzheimer's disease
  • Vesicoureteral reflux (urinary tract disorder in children)
  • Nephrotoxicity (kidney damage) caused by drugs